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Understanding design dazzle the future "-- NCI2018 Hong Kong Exhibition Record

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Understanding design, lead dazzle future"!!

Under the guidance and guidance of NCI Lin, we cooperated with the powerful design team of NCI, and ADA, the marketing manager of B group of marketing Center, took charge of it and led our colleagues, after more than 2 months of joint efforts. Ncihong Kong Exhibition in October was successfully held. During this period, colleagues in group C of marketing Center cooperated with exhibition sample development, and Anna, marketing manager of Group A also gave full assistance.

On October 25th, Ada, the marketing manager of Group B, and Sara, group B, came to the company to pack samples in advance. As the vanguard force, they entered the Hong Kong Exhibition and urged the booth construction party to complete the construction according to the contract.

 On the morning of October 26th, other colleagues will gather at the first floor of the company at 7:00 a.m. and be sent to shenzhen Bay port of entry and exit by company vehicle. We all enjoyed the trip and looked forward to the Hong Kong exhibition. In spite of the rush hour, the company's driver Dago still tried to send everyone to the port of entry and exit on time. During this period, he kept confirming the location with the driver of the Connecting China-Hong Kong bus and sent everyone to the predetermined place. Thank the driver for his hard work.

The driver luo Sheng was humorous and chatted with our team all the way, which added a lot of fun to our formation. Before we knew it, we had passed smoothly at the port of entry and entered Hong Kong. After about an hour and a half drive, we arrived at the gate of the Asian International Exhibition Hall near the airport on time. At that time, the flow of traffic on site was already very large, and the traffic was complicated. Various exhibitors arrived one after another, and the security personnel on duty were diverting the crowd.

When I came to booth 11R20, I found that our booth was much larger than several nearby booths, and the top shelf of the booth was much higher than that of the neighboring booth. The booth builder was doing the last finishing work, Ada was communicating and coordinating with the booth builder and pointing out the areas they needed to improve from time to time. Ada worked so hard to build the booth that her toe was swollen, but she kept working. Give her a thumbs up here! People were infected, packing samples and supplies, filling the exhibits, organizing them, writing signs, placing them, sorting them, working as a team.


An hour later, Mark, a colleague from Hong Kong, showed up with a TV set and lots of tools. Mark has strong design and business skills and is proficient in multiple languages. I'm glad he's on our team. In order to give the booth a sense of design, it also covers the space of nearly 1.5 meters higher than the booth next door. Mark came up with a way to cover the blank space with drapes.

Good Idea! That's a great idea. Manager Lin arrived at the booth as scheduled. He was very concerned about the general layout of the booth and discussed with Mark from time to time, asking colleagues what difficulties they had in preparing for the work. Mr. Lin is very experienced in exhibition arrangement and put forward many good suggestions on the display arrangement. Our booth was soon ready.


At night, everyone returned to the five-star hotel booked by the company. Thank you very much for the careful arrangement of the company, so that everyone has a good working environment, but also a great place to rest. Like here countless times!!

In the morning of October 27th, after breakfast in the hotel, we took the shuttle bus booked by Global Resources to the exhibition booth. Prepare for the first day of welcoming guests. Ada and Anna are experts who have participated in many exhibitions. They have prepared quotation materials in advance and remembered the characteristics of the exhibits. They are ready to introduce them to customers one by one and conquer customers with their professional knowledge. Soon, buyers from the exhibition crowd into the exhibition hall, which suddenly turned into a super store and the scene was extremely hot. Many customers are attracted by our well-designed and arranged stalls, as well as our excellent products. Customers are full of praise for our original design, have asked detailed parameters, price, moQ, proofing time, production cycle and so on. Colleagues confidently introduced products and our company to customers, exchanged business cards, provided catalogues of exhibits to customers, asked customers' needs, and understood customers' business nature, products, markets and brands. Our colleague Awen quickly attracted the interest of many customers with her fluent English and pure Italian, and the Italian customers spoke highly of us. With his wisdom and rich experience, Mark introduced products and company strategies for each of his customers, had in-depth communication with customers, explored customer information, and did homework for customer screening and continuous follow-up. After a day of hard work, we harvest a lot and record the customer survey information one by one. Mr. Lin convened everyone to make a summary and share the work of the day, combing the fresh customer information, and giving us guidance for the follow-up work. Everyone says to work hard and to enjoy life. Hard day, Mr. Lin led his team to the beautiful Victoria Harbor, feel the charm and prosperity of Hong Kong port city, we watched the light show, took a ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui, shuttle Hong Kong market.


On October 28th, we have been praised by many customers for our continuous enthusiasm and professional service. Xinhua team is the best!! Today, our chairman Mr. He came to the exhibition to applaud and cheer for you. Mr. Chu, owner of the company's strategic factory in Bangladesh, and his Japanese partner also came to cheer. The company's global strategic planning for the business development of the company.


Company Hong Kong design office director Miss Elena also came to the scene, the stalls next to the girls thought that the company invited models. Here's a chuckle... .

On October 29th, many customers came to our exhibition to see the samples. A Japanese customer has come to see the samples for three days in a row and he is sure to like our products very much. There are other highlights to tell on the 29th. One of our products was recommended by Global Source analysts and was selected to participate in the model show on 30th for free. Awesome!! Global Source analysts recommend images of product models walking the runway

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